Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What will I get out of a training if I don’t want to teach?

A: The practice of yoga helps us to live in this world with more resilience and persistence. In these times, where there seems to be so much dissonance and violence, practice is necessary so we can continue to show up as who we want to be in tumultuous times. Taking a training is not only to study and refine the way we move on the mat, but to also study and refine the way we move through the world. Learning to bring the principles and philosophies of the yoga practice is more than just physically empowering; it can help you to become a leader in your community, family, and in your own life.

Learning to teach connects you more fully to your own learning, and you’ll know what you know so much more deeply than you thought you could as you learn to communicate it to others.

Training is not just for those who want to become teachers, or just for those who can put a leg behind the head, hold a long plank, or balance upside down. A strong physical practice goes beyond the outcome of the pose and is reflective of the attention and awareness with which a person moves. Spending 200 hours devoted to all of the aspects of yoga practice will deepen your connection to the parts of yoga that have the potential to change the world: deeper listening, strong and sustained attention, courage, and heart.

Q: What will I learn? See curriculum page.

Q: What’s special about the teachers on faculty of NSYA? We are proud that our teachers and trainers live their practices in the world, and fully absorb themselves as students as well as sharing their knowledge with the world. For more information, head to our team page to read about our teachers and for links to their websites.

Q: There are so many yoga teachers? Does the world really need one more? Isn’t the market saturated?

A: The time has passed for hoping that someone else will step up and bring the hope and healing to the world that we know is needed. The yoga community needs to give a voice to the practice that brings us all personally so much peace so that we can contribute to the world with the clarity that it brings us.

Q: I have a busy life. How can I possibly fit this into my schedule?

A: You are able to miss and make up 20 hours of the training, which is helpful if you have prior commitments or something unexpected needs attending in your life. We have had doctors, ER nurses, doctoral students, mothers, and fathers successfully take training amidst their other responsibilities.

Q: What kind of homework should I expect?

A: You will be expected to spend time outside of training completing homework to reinforce what you've learned and prepare you for what's upcoming. For summer, since it's such an immersive schedule, you will be required to do some reading at night, but you won't be overloaded with assignments. As practicum comes closer, you will need to set aside time outside the training to further meet with the group you'll be co-teaching with as a part of your final exam. For fall, you will be given reading assignments to prepare for each weekend. In the larger gaps between meetings around the holidays you will be asked to sequence and teach your own class to family and friends. Unlike assignments for classes you took out of obligation in the past, you will find these readings and assignments fascinating and enriching because you've elected to dive deeper into the practice of yoga, and your homework will help facilitate that.

Q: I want to become a teacher. Will I be able to teach upon graduation?

A: Yes. If you want to learn to teach, NSYA gives you the skills to teach a safe, intelligently aligned vinyasa class and an understanding of the industry so you can be competitive in the field.

Q: What continuing mentorship is provided after the training?

A: Coolidge Yoga allows students who have successfully completed the training to assist one weekly class of a teacher of their choice (with the teacher's approval) for a committed time of 6 months. The student will receive 30-60 minutes outside of class time per week for mentorship and to review assists with their chosen teacher. The teachers from the training are also available for questions and support after the training is over.

NSYA also allows all graduates of the program to attend select modules of future trainings. Space permitting, you will be invited to sign up for Anatomy, Manoj's lectures on the deities, Ayurveda, History of yoga, intro to Yin, and others. 

Q: What does the application process entail?

A: To apply, please fill out the application on our application page. You will hear back shortly about the status of your application. If you receive an acceptance letter, you will be prompted to make payment to secure your spot and given an outline for the next steps. If we do not know you personally, you will be asked to take class with the lead trainer of the training that you selected so that both parties can be sure that it's a good fit, and to catch up and chat briefly after class to get to know one another. You'll be spending 200 hours with us, and it's important that you really want to learn from whoever is leading. Note: Please do not make payment before you receive an acceptance letter or verbal confirmation from the lead trainer or from Laura (the owner of The New School of Yogic Arts).

Q: What are your policies for financial matters such as payment plans and refunds?

A: Our financial policies are listed beneath the application on our application page.